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Congratulations to the Escoffier Class of 2018!

An Introduction from

Chef Graham Mitchell

"Your graduation is a time for celebration and forward outlook to the next step in your life and career. When you came into this program, we welcomed you to the journey as an ambassador of the Escoffier name. You worked hard, persevered, and overcame obstacles that allowed you to complete that portion of your culinary journey. Congratulations on this vast achievement!"

"I hope you celebrate this success and embrace the infinite possibilities that await. Will you create the next cooking technique or the next piece of modern kitchen technology? Will you implement systems for feeding the hungry or be a part of a new philosophy in ethical and sustainable farming?"

"No matter what, you embody all we know of Chef Escoffier, which is success! As you move forward, all I ask is that you commit to your best every day and hold the Escoffier name high, continuing the legacy he set forth over a hundred years ago. You are the future of this great industry."

Stay Hungry,
Chef Graham

Guest Speaker

Curtis Duffy

Curtis Duffy is a prominent American chef who is best known for his work in Chicago's most celebrated dining establishments including the 3-Michelin starred restaurants Grace and Alinea.

Duffy's style is a reflection of his personal taste and draws upon his wealth of experience. His micro-seasonal cuisine is best described as "thoughtfully progressive" – thoughtful as he puts tremendous time, focus, research and thought into what he creates, and progressive as he utilizes modern techniques to coax the best out of the ingredients. Each dish is an expression of his personality – progressive but grounded – and puts ingredients at the forefront. He continues to source the highest-quality ingredients, allowing flavor to trump technique.

Duffy has earned numerous accolades, including Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star, AAA Five-Diamond, and 2016 James Beard Foundation’s "Best Chef, Great Lakes" Award. While Duffy continues his culinary evolution, he sits on the advisory board of Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts with a $25,000 scholarship in his name. He continues his charitable efforts by volunteering with Grand Chefs Gala, a fundraiser benefiting the Greater Illinois Cystic Fibrosis Foundation where he is Chef Chair of the gala, and hosted several dinners at Grace to further the foundation.

Duffy's culinary and philanthropy efforts earned him an induction into the prestigious Disciples d'Escoffier International in 2016. He currently resides on the north side of Chicago with his two young daughters.


Chef Educators

Director of Academics and Program Development Graham Mitchell
Senior Lead Chef Instructor Anne Lanute
Chef Instructor Paul Rocque
Chef Instructor Susie Wolak
Chef Instructor Tom Beckman
Chef Instructor Tyson Holzheimer
Chef Instructor Eric Preuss
Chef Instructor Warren Weekes
Chef Instructor Jamie Palafox
Chef Instructor Jennifer McClintick
Chef Instructor Jonathan Taylor
Chef Instructor Luke Trinosky
Chef Instructor Ryan Hodros
Chef Instructor Sofia Forde
Chef Instructor Suzanne Lasagna
Chef Instructor Vincent Sturgis
Chef Instructor Kevin Quinn

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